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Random tangential thing - I really get sick and tired of seeing people write and talk about how there are no fat people in LA or SoCal or California, and how it's because we're all either granola hippie health freaks who get daily colonics or because we're all horrible mean superficial fat-shamers who all hate fat people and make them feel so bad that they have to move away or stay indoors wrapped up like the elephant man.

This is especially annoying when it comes from somebody who says they live here.

I suppose it's possible that you might not notice all the fat people if you live such a privileged life that somebody else does all your shopping for you and your only interaction with other human beings is with other skinny rich people who actually DO live up to one of the aforementioned LA stereotypes. But for the rest of you, STFU about this. It's as dumb and wrong as the thing about nobody walking here. People walk all THE FUCKING TIME. People rave about Runyon Canyon even though it's in an ocean of smog covered with unpicked up dogshit. And possibly some human shit. That's how much they like walking!

LA walks, and LA has fat people. If your comedy routine has to fall back on either of those tropes you might as well bitch about not knowing how to program your VCR and airplane food. SHUT UP.

Mar. 15th, 2012

She Hulk
Tuesday, Winston's usual walk (1 mile) and from 8-9, belly dance class.

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no heavy lifting today

She Hulk
From 4-5 was belly dance, then I came home and rode the exercise bike 4.23 miles with the tension in the middle, so it was an easy enough ride, letting me read while I pedaled.

10 bicep, 10 tricep extensions, 10 bicep/tricep, 10 shoulder press with the 12 lb weight.

Took Winston on his usual walk - 1 mile.


for fucks sake


Back in the Park

She Hulk
Went for the smallest hike ever, not even an hour. It was beautiful in the park, probably as green as it's going to get this year. Very little water where water should have been though. We were mostly in the shade of the hills above us and there were pleasant breezes throughout. Home early enough that I thought I would get a bit more of a workout in.

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Circle of life

Our tropical fish tank, currently overpopulated because our cherry barbs had babies, used to have 3 zebra danios. Now we have none. One of them seemed became ill awhile ago, developing a kink in it's back that screwed up it's ability to swim in a straight line. But it didn't die, so after giving up on figuring out what was wrong, we figured he would just be screwy. He lasted like that for a year before just disappearing. Probably finally died and got scavenged by the plecos before I ever noticed. Another one had dropsy back in December. Dropsy is a condition with many possible causes - you could have bad water. Your fish could have internal parasites. Or your fish could have liver failure. I gave the stupid dropsy fish a salt bath, which seemed to improve his condition a bit but then he bloated up again. I was going to give him another but accidentally dropped him on the floor while trying to get him out of the net into the bath. So that was that. 1 danio left. It didn't get sick until this month, also having dropsy. The tank was due for a water change at the time, so I did one, vacuuming the gravel and all. Gave them a new air wand for more bubbles and took out one of the pieces of driftwood to make room for more water. After the change the danio seemed to get a little better, but it didn't last, started bloating up again anyway. I put in all the assorted medicines I have, but they never made a difference. Tonight I decided to give it a salt bath too, since that was the only thing that seemed to help. The levels of ammonia and nitrites in the tank are so low as to be undetectable by my tests, and nitrates are at 10 ppm, which is well within the tolerable range. Despite putting in pH UP every night for the past week I can't seem to get the pH to 7 (the ideal for a community tank) but it's holding steady at 6. And steady is acceptable too.

Anyway fish went into the bath. Responded by acting totally chill. Didn't dart around or gasp at the surface or try to jump out. I figured it must actually feel good, maybe the salty water starts drawing out the excess water in it's body right away, even if there's no immediate visible difference. So I left it for a bit went to help with dinner prep, checked on it every now and then. It was fine, fine, fine. Finish cooking, check the fish (still fine) and eat dinner. Go get the fish to put it back. Fish is dead.

Stupid fish.

I'm inclined to believe that our danios were all about the same age and maybe they were just old, suffering liver failure as a result of that, since all the other fish are healthy and the water conditions are great. That fish was a dick anyway, always chasing the others around. It's now buried beneath the plum tree we planted out front, because fish make great fertilizer.

If that tree looks familiar it's because it's been in our back yard since we moved in back in 2009. Our 1st landlord left it behind and our new landlord thought it would be totally fine if we planted it. So Nate dug a giant hole:

And we carefully got it out of it's pot and got it in the ground. So far it seems to be doing quite well.

All I post about anymore.



There are rats in our walls.

Any additional similarities to the short story of the same name will be noted, probably in rapidly decaying english as insanity takes hold. You've all been warned.


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